The Lapeer County Emergency Relief Fund

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Lapeer County Community Foundation is working in collaboration with local funding partners in providing emergency assistance funding to local organizations that are going above and beyond their typical operations to assist the community.

We’ve Given Over $4.01 Million. Help us to do even more.

Grants, Scholarships & Funds


The Foundation builds and manages permanent endowment funds from a wide variety of donors to provide grants that enhance the quality of life in Lapeer County, now and for future generations.


The Foundation is dedicated to attracting and managing permanently endowed funds and ss part of the Foundation’s focus on education, we maintain a growing scholarship program.

Foundation Funds

We have several funds that help support causes in Lapeer County. All of which, we believe, help to enhance the quality of life in Lapeer County.

The Lapeer County Children’s Savings Program

The Lapeer County Education Achievement Fund (LEAF) is a new children’s savings program brought to you by the Lapeer County Community Foundation (LCCF), ELGA Credit Union and the Lapeer County Intermediate School District. LEAF provides kindergartners with a savings account seeded with $25, and is designed to help students start saving for college or career training expenses.

OUr Mission Statement

The Lapeer County Community Foundation leads and supports projects and initiatives that impact the quality of life in Lapeer County today, tomorrow and for future generations.