The Women's Fund

The Women’s Fund is an endowed fund at the Lapeer County Community Foundation, it is a unique legacy established by the generosity of 100 founding women who wanted to make a difference in our community. Current members continue the tradition of leadership and service to Lapeer County by shaping the present and future just as their mothers and grandmothers did before them.

The Women’s Fund awards grants which support and enhance the lives of women and their children in the areas of health, human service, education and enrichment.

The Women’s Fund motto is “Every woman must have a purse of her own . . .”   Susan B. Anthony

When Susan B. Anthony declared that every woman must have a purse of her own she may not have considered how her words would continue to resonate through the ages. She lived in a world in which women could not inherit property from their parents or husband, could not vote, and were not encouraged to have careers outside the home.  Although circumstances are much improved for the women of today, there remain many within our community who are in need of a “purse”.

The Lapeer County Community Foundation Women’s Fund is designed to be a celebration of our past, a voice for our present, and a gift to our future.  We invite YOU to give to this legacy!

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2020 Women’s Fund Steering Committee Members

Dana Miller, Chair

Kim Adams

Kristi Kigar

Jackie Gibbons, Vice-Chair

Betsy Felton

Kathryn Lawter

Nancy Smith, Secretary

Della Hammond

Jacquie Wilson

What is a Founder?

A Women’s Fund Founder is one of the initial one hundred women who pledged $500 in 5 years in order to form the fund in 2005.  These Founders wanted to make a difference in the lives of women and their children in Lapeer County for many years to come.  They are the original legacy of the Women’s Fund; helping those in need in the areas of health, human services, education, and enrichment.

Our Original Women’s Fund 100 Founders:

Helen Arnold **
Renee Badertscher
Elva Baird
Laura Barnard
Joan Bates **
Cathy Benton
Dora Bianchini +++
Judith Brecht
Cynthia Brown +++
Trisha Burrough
Amie Butterfield +++
Gaye Butterfield +++
Mabel Butterfield **
Pamela Butterfield
Deborah Cady +++
Phyllis Caley
Mary Lynne Carter
Tracey M. Chapman +++
Kathy Churchill **
Christina Clark **
Corrine Conaway **
Lisa deBeaubien Conaway
Elizabeth Cross **
Gertrude Cynowa
Deborah DeSantis

Melanie DiCenso
Genevieve Dorr +++
Wanda Dowdall +++
Pamela Duke
Betty Jane Dutko **
Carol Ehman **
Jo Ann Ethridge **
Charlotte Ewing **
Michele Filipiak **
Irma Gelhausen
Susan Griggs +++
Lorraine Grinnell
Pat Hackney **
Della Hammond +++
Mary Ann Harrington +++
Jan Herrick
Christine Higgins
June Holen
Kathleen Holowka
Cheryl Howell
Judy Jacobson **
Florence Johnson +++
Melissa Johnston **
Suzanne Joseph
Mary Ellen Kernan

Barbara Klocko
Jeannene Koprowski **
Yvonne LaClair +++
Carol Lambert +++
Patricia Lamoreaux
Lapeer Business & Professional Women
Lapeer Tuesday Club
Kathryn Lawter +++
Carol Little
Dahna Loeding +++
Hazel Mabery +++
Janet Manning **
Debbie Marquardt +++
Nan Marvicsin
Linda McAlpine **
Eleanor Mendola
Karen Mersino **
Mary Shaw Moore
Laurie Muir Morris +++
Colleen Muir +++
Molly Muir +++
Sharon Muir +++
Delynn Nass +++
Juanita Oesch

P.E.O. Chapter DX **
Nina Page **
Pauline Preisel
Nancy Ransom +++
Carole Robson **
Doris Rolland +++
Judy Rozanski
Karen Rykhus **
Bonnie Schiedegger +++
Cheryl Shaffer **
Lois Shaffer +++
Justine Speer-Dare
Mary Stone
Margaret Supernault **
Nan Toppin **
Ruth Tucker **
Kimberly Van Sickle **
Carol Lynn Van Norman
Edith Walker
Tracey deBeaubien Walker
Abi Warner **
Peggy Warner +++
Janet Watz
Patricia Whelan +++
Kimberly Grinnell Young
Zonta Club of Lapeer **

Silver Founders **
Gold Founders +++

What is a Friend?

A Women’s Fund Friend is a donor that continues the tradition of the one hundred Founders. As a Friend, your gift will be held in endowment, contributing to the permanent legacy that will be passed on to future generations of Lapeer County women. Only the earnings will be distributed, but as the Women’s Fund grows, so does our ability to help.

  • Become a Friend with an outright gift of $500.00 or a 5-year pledge of $100.00 per year.
  • To make a pledge to become a Friend of the Women’s Fund, click on the Donate Now button at the top of this page.

Our Women’s Fund Friends:

Kim Adams
Lois Atkins
Susan P. Beal
Catherine Bostick-Tullius
Cheryl Bowman
Nancy Boxey
Constance Brotzke
Marilyn Buchanan **
Anissa Buffin
Cheryl Butterfield
Mary Beth Callahan
Kristen Cassabon **
Emily Caswell
Shelly Childers
Phyllis Clark
Mary Ellen Clements
Gayle Coulter
Meredith Donahue
Marcia Dorman
Tami Erickson
Ashley Fanson
Betsy Felton
Kate Fisher
Karen Fitzgerald
Linda Forys
Heather Frayer
Jackie Germani
Jackie Gibbons **
Shirley Gunter

Sally Hallen **
Vicki Harrington
Claudia Helser
Susan Helser
Breanne Heron
Donna Hoisington **
Catherine Hurst
Mary Jackson
Rita Jones
Ann Kee
Jody Kerbyson
Kristi Kigar
Rose Klein
Arla Lewis **
Patricia Lucas +++
Carol Lyons +++
Jill Lynn Lyons
Claudia Mann
Vickie Mello
Laura Mikus +++
Dana Miller
Kay Morris **
Rose Neuhard
Deborah Noffert
Lynn Oberhausen **
Carol Pariseau **
Marilyn Pearson +++
Jennifer Phillips
Marguerite Pope **
Linda Priestap +++

Patty Reaves **
Jayme Resnik **
Tammy Riehl
Shari Ruesink
D’Ann Sabada-Davey **
Donna Scott
Doris Sharkey
Miriam Shay
Anne L. Shenck
Stephanie Simmons
Barbara Skirmants
Cindy Smith **
Kathy Smith
Nancy Smith +++
Nancy Sommerville
Carolyn Starking
Lynne Strandberg
Julia Sullivan **
Judith Sutherland
Bernie Talaski
Ada VanDyke
Fran Van Haaften +++
Sandra Vukonich
Robie Wagester **
Alyssa Walker
Kelly Watson **
Ashley White **
Mary Wiese
Jacquie Wilson **
Jane Yorks **
Kaylee Zapata
Karen Zdroik **
Ann Zettle

Silver Friends **
Gold Friends +++

The Women's Fund Silver Level Program

In 2010 the Silver level of giving was established.  Individuals who have completed their initial pledge can choose to make a second $500 five year pledge (or lump sum pledge), bringing their total pledges to $1,000.

The Women's Fund Gold Level Program

In 2016 the Gold level of giving was established.  Individuals who have completed their Silver pledge can choose to make a third $500 five year pledge (or lump sum pledge), bringing their total pledges to $1,500.



Coming from all walks of life, representing multiple generations, our Founders and Friends share a common vision…to build a permanent resource that will help women and their families now and long into the future.

What is a Funder?

A Funder is anyone who contributes to the Women’s Fund.  As a Funder, your gift of any dollar amount will be used immediately to support women and their children in Lapeer County. Working in partnership with local non-profit organizations and agencies, the Women’s Fund address emergency needs for Lapeer County women and their families and provides these women with the tools they need to improve their lives.

Please know that no amount is too small.  Each dollar you give becomes part of the endowed fund.  This fund continually generates interest which is given back to the women and children of Lapeer County.  Gifts to the Women’s Fund may be tax deductible for Federal income tax purposes.  



Women's Fund Educational Grants

Education Grants
The Women’s Fund, through the Foundation for Mott Community College awards $1,000.00 education grants to assist “non-traditional” Lapeer County women attending Mott Community College with non-tuition expenses including: books, fees, child care, and transportation costs. Applicants must hold a minimum 2.5 grade point average. There is no application deadline. Please download and review the Education Grant Guidelines prior to completing and submitting the Women’s Fund Education Grant Application.

Education Grant GuidelinesWomen's Fund Education Grant Application

Agency Partner Information

Agency Partners
The Women’s Fund seeks agency partners for our Mini-Grant Program and Wardrobes for Work programs.  These programs help meet the emergency and professional needs of Lapeer County women and their children.

Agency Partners submit mini grant requests for applicants that cannot be funded through any other assistance program.  Although meeting agency screening standards , these individuals would not qualify for funding due to federal regulations, fund amounts needed, timing, etc.  Agency partners serve as the fiscal sponsor and receive payment of funds for mini grants and then make payments for the services needed.

Agency Partner Application


The Women’s Fund Mini Grants assist Lapeer County Women and their children in areas of “crisis concern” with awards of $1,000 or less.  Applicants must be referred by one of our Agency Partners.  Grants are for last resort funding for emergency needs that cannot be met by partner organizations.